External Resources about Supply and Demand

Where should you go online if you want to learn more about supply and demand?

Well, lots of places, really – but here’s a short list of the very best that is out there in making things simple and accessible.

A very good place to start (apart from the very beginning), is with the Principles of Economics section on Marginal Revolution University. Their very first video on the demand and supply section is here, and you can simply click upon the “Next Video” link to go through all of them.

The Wikipedia article is not bad, although a little wordy, in our opinion.

Here’s a simple post by a VC explaining how Uber uses these basic concepts to, well, run a business currently valued at $ 67 billion.

And of course, any and every text on economics will cover the topics we have spoken about here. Most of the links above, and all of the textbooks you might care to look at will be at a more complicated level than in our posts – but that’s the point. After you finish reading these, you should feel equipped to deal with the slightly more difficult ones.

Right, one topic from macroeconomics (the Solow Model) and one from microeconomics (the demand supply framework) down, and lots more to go. To keep things interesting, we’re now going to delve into an exciting area of economic research – behavioral economics. Starting with the next post!

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