Links for 13th June, 2018

  1. Indian agriculture just ain’t the same anymore. Harish Damodaran explains why intervening in agricultural markets in India can do more harm than good. The article is also useful for checking your understanding of supply curves, their elasticity, and government procurement and government support price schemes.
  2. You could read the books recommended in your business strategy classes, or you could wonder why Nadal has done so well, and continues to do so well, at the French Open. The latter is a more interesting way to learn, and better not just for that one reason.
  3. Forecasts are useless. A truly useful heuristic, and one never taught at school
  4. It’s probably illegal to not post about the summit if you write a blog post today, and if I had to link to just one, let’s make it this one. You could file the entire post under “The world is grey, neither black nor white”. Filing it isn’t the same as not reading it!
  5. Forecasts are useless, yes, but predictions are not. That doesn’t make them correct – but they should provoke you to make your own predictions (and benefit from them)
  6. On free speech, and its importance.
  7. Real estate in America, crops in India, rentals in China. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.
  8. For the title of the blog post alone.
  9. Military, ideology and worst (best) of all, institutions. Read a three part series about how China is exporting a lot more than firecrackers.
  10. Economics is always and everywhere a behavioral, the inequality edition.