Links for 18th June, 2018

  1. This reminded me, in a way that made me very depressed about technology, of Adam Smith’s circles of sympathy. History, lessons? I don’t understand the words coming out of your mouth.
  2. This reminded me of this, and really made me want to get around to start reading this.
  3. On economies of scale. Speaking of which, this post (on a blog eminently worth following) reminded me that I should be buying this book. The other books also fascinated me – and the concluding sentence of the post is a sentiment I agree with wholeheartedly.

    Oh for the days when one person could hope to range across all of existing scientific knowledge….

  4. On being a dad.
  5. So what do economists do, exactly?
  6. The unexpected leads to the unexpected.
  7. Paging Isaac Newton
  8. An article from last year, but relevant for this month, about Angela Merkel
  9. Very old, but I read it just today, and simply had to share, because you might be in the same boat. Life in North Korea, for what it’s worth.
  10. Shah Rukh Khan as Christian Bale, and Ranbir Kapoor for Ryan Gosling, in our movie about our crisis. Only a suggestion, of course.
  11. History, UK, America and China. Operatic, almost.
  12. Demand, Supply and President Trump. Comic, almost.

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