Links for 22nd June 2018

  1. How to judge if something is well written, and how to write well yourself. I really struggle at this. I found the pop-up on the left of this website truly irritating, and apologies if you do as well. Reading articles like these usually depresses me more than anything else, but for what it’s worth.
  2. I haven’t heard this podcast myself just yet, but it is certainly going up on the list.
  3. Mostly Economics is compulsory reading, and the blog alerts us to trouble with one of our neighbours
  4. Personally, I find that the third method in this article is the most appealing, least dangerous, and the one that unlocks most options.
  5. Speak softly and carry a big stick. Guess who’s beginning to agree.
  6. This is worth reading in its entirety. Also, following @teslacharts on Twitter is a good idea.
  7. If it starts to rain… like, pour… you’ll slow the car down, right? Right?
  8. Knock yourself out.