Links for 1st July, 2018

  1. “A fraudster does not have to fool everyone; he just needs to fool enough people to get his money.” A great read on frauds in the financial sector from The Guardian.
  2. Have you heard about Atul Gawande? You will a fair bit, if you haven’t already.
  3. Is there such a thing as an Uber employee? Should there be?
  4. The always excellent Gulzar Natarajan (his book is a must read) gives his readers a headache on a weekend, about the looming debt crisis in the USA.
  5. Tesla’s innovative (I’m a polite guy) methods of production.
  6. Tyler Cowen teaches us, once again, how to think like an economist.

Author: Ashish

Prof at Gokhale Institute, Pune, Blogger at, Podcaster at

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