Links for 15th September, 2018

  1. Chinese children and video games. Intended consequences?
  2. Words to live by:

    True lovers of the secular, reasonable way of life Hume stood for ought to avoid hysterical condemnations of religion and superstition as well as overly optimistic praise for the power of science and rationality. We should instead be modest in our philosophical pretensions, advocating human sympathy as much, if not more, than human rationality. Most of all, we should never allow our pursuit of learning and knowledge to get in the way of the softening pleasures of food, drink, company and play. Hume modelled a way of life that was gentle, reasonable, amiable: all the things public life now so rarely is.

  3. Gillian Tett on lessons from 2007-08, and before.
  4. On the glassmakers of Kapadwanj, via Mostly Economics.
  5. The India Newsletter Directory, by the truly excellent Visvak.