Links for 7th November, 2018

  1. How to walk through a museum.
  2. Where do people go, when at the Louvre?
  3. Understanding the layout at the Louvre.
  4. Tips for visiting the Louvre (my apologies about the pop-up ads you might see)
  5. Funding the Louvre.

Note: as with almost all of the posts on EFE, this one has also been scheduled beforehand. The reason I have put this up to run today is because if all goes well, we’ll be at the Louvre today.

But the idea, of course, is not to gloat – the first link, for example, is valid for all museums, not just the Louvre (is in fact valid for more than just museums). The second link helps me understand where¬†not¬† to go. And so on…


(The fifth link is depressing, but memento mori!)