India: Links for 5th August, 2019

In line with Pooja’s request from the previous week, five articles that help us understand Kashmir better: the background since 1947, the reasons for the never ending crisis, and the view from the other side of the border.

Kashmir remains (and will continue to be) a hugely contentious issue. The idea, for me, is to read as much as possible about it to learn more about why it is such a geopolitical mess. I’ll reiterate once again – any articles you can share with me about this are more than welcome.

  1. A very long, very detailed timeline of the the Kashmir conflict.
  2. National Geographic’s view on how the conflict started.
  3. The Hindustan Times on how the conflict started, in terms of one rather important meeting.
  4. Rahul Pandita interviewed in Forbes on Kashmir, the exodus of 1989, and his experiences growing up as a Kashmiri Pandit – and more besides. Also an excerpt from a book Rahul Pandita has written about 1989 Kashmir
  5. What is the view from the other side of the border? I learnt a lot from reading this piece, and I would strongly urge you to read it.


Again, any links you may have about this topic are more than welcome.

Author: Ashish

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