Vipul Gupta’s Recommendations

I’ll preface Vipul Gupta’s list with a request I made earlier as well: help students out with your recommendations!

Vipul Gupta recently graduated from the Gokhale Institute, and what follows is his list:

My suggestions on the books an economics students should read

1. Factfulness
2. Fooled by Randomness
3. Naked Statistics
4. Doughnut Economics
5. The physics of Wall street
6. Poor Economics
7. Fault lines
8. Black Swan

Some textbooks I would want to go through again

1. Econometrics by Wooldridge
2. Time Series by Walter Enders
3. Probability and Statistics by Degroot
4. Microeconomics by Varian
5. Futures, forwards and options by Hull

I know my list is a bit biased towards statistics that’s because it is my favorite subject

… that’s a worthy bias to have, Vipul. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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