On the Constitutional Validity of the Lockdown

A reader had written in asking about the constitutional validity of the lockdown, which I attempted to answer in this blog post.

Bharat Vasani and Samiksha Pednekar, writing in the Bloomberg Quint, help us understand just how the lockdown was enforced:

Constitutionally, the state government is empowered to deal with matters related to public order and public health, listed in the state list Entry 1 and 6, respectively. However, Entry 29 of the Concurrent List empowers the central and state governments to legislate on matters pertaining to the prevention of an infectious or contagious disease spreading from one state to another.

There is much more at the link, all worth reading if you are interested in the legal aspects of the lockdown.

Also, and this is important:

Here is the link, and if you ask me, this is worth a bookmark.

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