Postwar Economic Problems, The Book

Reading this blogpost helped me land upon this link. The book is titled Postwar Economic Problems, edited by Seymour E. Harris.

The introduction begins with the following sentence:

“Win the war first” is a sensible slogan. But all agree that if we do not also win the peace, we shall have lost the war.

It is hard not to be hooked!

From the same chapter, a little further down, a whiff of a familiar problem:

It will be necessary to stimulate consumer spending if a high income level is to be attained and maintained. Provision of security and an accompanying stimulation of spending; the further spread of education; an improved distribution of income; community spending for consumption—all these will be required.

The authors include, among others, Hansen, Samuelson, Haberler, Leontief, Schumpeter, Kindleberger and Lerner.

You could do a lot worse than skim through the book right now. The numbers aren’t relevant today, of course, but the line of thinking is bound to be.

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