The Mumbai Coastal Road and Other Stories (Episode 3 in the Urbanization Series)

Editing video is time consuming. That isn’t the most important learning that has come my way this week, but it has been the most relevant one.

This week’s episode of the Urbanization series (YouTube Playlist here) with Binoy Mascarenhas is a full four days late, but that’s solely down to me. I have been struggling with ways and means to make these videos slightly more professional. You can be the judge of whether I have succeeded!

In this episode, Binoy speaks about his issues with the Mumbai Coastal Road. We also touch upon the Pune University Flyover (don’t get me started), the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, and inevitably, Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses show up as topics.

There’s much more in the video, do let me (and Binoy) know what you guys thought.

Episode 4 will be out next week – I wanted to say Tuesday, but we’ll see about that. Thanks for watching!

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