Twitter stories: Learning more about the Carolina reaper

Twitter showed me this tweet the other day, because a person I follow replied to it:

Reading that conversation, and clicking on arbit links got me to this tweet:

…. which helped me read the article cited therein:

Every pepper has its uses, depending on the desired flavor and degree of trauma. But this day’s unavoidable star is the Carolina Reaper: lurid red pods, rumpled and warty, ending in a pointy tail. It’s possible to navigate this party without encountering the Reaper directly, to have plenty of pleasant and fulfilling conversations, but impossible to ignore it completely. It’s the steady subject of whispers and boasts. The heat of peppers is measured in Scoville heat units. An everyday jalapeño might clock in around 6,000; habaneros are closer to 350,000. The Reapers here for public consumption are billed at 1,560,000.

And a related YouTube search landed me up on this:

And that is how I ended up spending an hour this past workweek. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Twitter Stories ought to be a weekend thing.

And if you haven’t already, please read Masala Lab by Krish Ashok.

2 thoughts on “Twitter stories: Learning more about the Carolina reaper

    • Have started on it, and hope to turn it into a series. Thanks for writing in, Karan!

      Gamestop and AMC, I honestly don’t think I know enough to write about it. One day, maybe 🙂

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