Alexey Guzey

I learnt about Alex Guzey on MR first, and then (as is my wont) promptly forgot his name. Which made it impossible to search for him on MR, and so for the longest time I knew there was this “Twitter guy” I had to look up – but it’s difficult to run a search term like that.

Until one day Twitter said ok fine, and randomly bubbled up a tweet by Alexey Guzey about a blogging renaissance, and I was off to the races:

Here’s a wonderful section from his website (and I really do mean wonderful):

I ask a lot of people about their life plans. At least half of them tell me that they have no idea where to move and are just coasting along, not sure what to do next. Therefore, this post.

And here is his substack on “The Best of Twitter”

Perfect way to spend this weekend, if you ask me.