Three Excellent Games to Play (Econ related)

We’re running a small workshop on experimental and behavioral economics at the Gokhale Institute, and we had great fun playing these games yesterday.

  1. Bad News: a game that teaches you how (worryingly) easy it is to get addicted to generating, sharing and amplifying bad news. Yes, I know this isn’t news, exactly – but playing this game allows us to actively participate in the process. And like I said, what is worrying is the ease, and the addiction. Give it a shot, doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.
  2. Go Viral!: In similar vein, but more topical.

Both of these I found out about via Behavioral Scientist.

And the excellent, excellent, I’ll be using this again and again in the years to come – a very simple, very hands-on way to help students understand double oral auctions.

Have fun – and please reach out if you need help running any of these games. I’d love to help out, if I can in any way.