About Ergodicity

Anything that Zeynep Tufekci writes is worth reading, and people like Navin Kabra make Twitter a place of learning and knowledge. Therefore this tweet is worth the price of admission twice over.

But it gets better!

Because the replies took me to this excellent essay on ergodicity:

In an ergodic scenario, the average outcome of the group is the same as the average outcome of the individual over time. An example of an ergodic systems would be the outcomes of a coin toss (heads/tails). If 100 people flip a coin once or 1 person flips a coin 100 times, you get the same outcome. (Though the consequences of those outcomes (e.g. win/lose money) are typically not ergodic)!
In a non-ergodic system, the individual, over time, does not get the average outcome of the group.


… And therefore this set of essays and this newsletter.

As the kids say these days: sorted.