About Teaching Python to Students of Economics

This is a bit of a rushed post, my apologies. I hope to come back to this post and do a better job, but for the moment a placeholder post and a request:

Read the whole thread (including the responses). We (and by we I mean not just all of us at the Gokhale Institute, but higher education in economics in India) should be building out more courses of this nature.

If anybody is already doing this, please do get in touch. I would love to learn more about how to try and start something like this for my university.

4 thoughts on “About Teaching Python to Students of Economics

  1. I think this would be an amazing thing, if Gokhale and other economic colleges and universities in India have such a course. It will make economic students from India more competitive. I haven’t written a paper on it but have attended sessions where they have used image recognition to identify solar panels on residential roof tops in the US.

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