The Five Most Popular Posts of 2021 on EFE

5. Team “Kam Nahi Padna Chahiye”: An offbeat take on how to think about formulating the null hypothesis, by asking which problem would you rather avoid when hosting dinner parties:
avoid the problem of too much food (Team No Leftovers)
avoid the problem of having too little food to feed your guests (Team By God We Shouldn’t Run Out Of Food as Hosts)

4. Doing a PhD: This was a request post, in which I tried to answer a question a reader sent in. Short answer: PhD is more about signaling than anything else. Do it to earn street cred, but if you really want to learn, work, don’t study.

3. So You Want to Work in Public Policy: A post about how to think about working in the domain of public policy, and my thoughts about a short book that I really enjoyed reading a while ago.

2. Maximizing Soul: An essay about, well, maximizing soul. Read the whole thing, I’d much rather not try and describe this essay in a couple of sentences. My personal favorite among the things I wrote this year.

And finally, the most popular blogpost this year “Help Me Understand This, Somebody“. Why should this post be as popular as it is? I don’t have the faintest idea, but then again, nothing about April and May of 2021 makes any sense, so why should the metrics of this blog?

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