The Long and Winding Road For The First Time

I’ve been on a Beatles spree this week, and have no desire to stop – please feel free to send along thousands of more videos my way!

6 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road For The First Time

  1. McCartney plays get back for the first time:
    What intrigued me most by watching the show on hotstar was how theres no secret to making music or some magical moment that’ll reveal all the answers. Its just a group of guys sitting together trying stuff out till it works. As a musician, watching it almost comforted me.

      • Thanks to an econ history (econ connection?) Prof from MA days. Dude was a die hard for Beatles. Walks in 15 min earlier than his scheduled time and while waiting for students to trickle in, would play Beatles on the class speaker system. Jive a bit. Sometimes hum along, mixtaping it with rants from his youth and watching economies grow/tumble/messup or whatever was the flavour of the week. I’d be 20 min early for his 15 min early, to just watch and listen to a person 30 yr teaching ex live it like a champ! Says, listen to this… This is unreleased… And comes Dehra Dun. I hum to this day!

  2. Guess it is involuntary after a tipping point. Clock cranks another 30 yrs and one fine day, a student remembers you jiving, in some blog comment.

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