The Five Most Popular Posts on EFE in 2022

5. Imports, Exports and GDP:

4. On Sri Lanka

3. Learn Economics By Watching Movies

2. So Long, Farewell

1. India’s Demographics and the Total Fertility Rate

Last year’s posts are here.

I will have published 254 posts by the time 2022 ends, which is meh, at best. I don’t track anything on my blog, and don’t really pay attention to the analytics. But I do wish I had done a better job of posting every single day.

My hit rate was 70% this year, the same as last year. The good news is that this was better than what I managed in 2020 (52%). The bad news is that I was at a 103% in 2019, so as with many economies, so with EFE – I’m still catching up to the pre-pandemic level. I have simply not written when I didn’t feel like writing these past three years, and haven’t worried about it. And for many days, weeks and sometimes months at a stretch therefore, I have not written anything.

But I think it’s time to hold myselt to a higher standard in 2023, and let’s hope I can post without fail every single day.

To everybody who is reading this, thank you very much for reading!