My Random Question to My First Year Students

I just wrapped up a semester of teaching at the Gokhale Institute. It is my favorite course (Principles of Economics) to teach, at my favorite place, so a bittersweet moment of sorts.

And the last class was an extended five random questions session, with lots of fun questions coming my way. One of which, it turns out, was a request for me to ask them a random question. Fun request, and here is what I have asked them:

“You get to redesign higher education from the ground up. All higher ed institutions are scrapped, and society, industry and academia will go along with the institutions, culture and regulations that you choose to construct/create to make higher education as good as it can possibly be – good itself being defined howsoever you like.
What will you do, and why?”

They have all the time in the world to answer, and of course it is not mandatory to do so. But should you choose to answer, I would love to hear it! So please, do let me know the how, the what and they why of your proposal to change higher education in India for the better.

Happy Diwali, everyone!

(I hope to post everyday next week, but am very much on leave. We’ll see!)

2 thoughts on “My Random Question to My First Year Students

  1. Put more effort into admissions! By that, I mean, colleges that provide higher education should do away with pan-India competitive exams! Admit for interest, not caliber. Your job is to produce caliber.

    Second thing would be to up the game on teaching. Many colleges face a problem with professors shortages, as well as, I know many with dubious PhDs. Pay the teachers a lot more, and recruit good folks – watch the students change!

    Third would be to emphasize more on research! Any student coming out of a higher education university/college should leave with a sense of curiosity towards the world around them.

    Finally, maintain an active alumni base. Have a dedicated team that follows up on alumni and helps the community stay a community!

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