Video for 10th March, 2019

A very short talk on an impossibly complex topic – urbanization, and how to do it right.


Video for 3rd March, 2019

Via The Browser, this excellent video showing evolution at play over millions of years. Keep an eye on the top right and the top left of the video as well!


Tweets for 2nd March, 2019







Video for 17th February, 2019

An excellent series that helps you understand business on the ground – it’s perfect momo weather right now, and hence this video – but there are many others as well.

Tweets for 16th February, 2019

Video for 10th February, 2019

This continues to be one of my favourite videos on economics – recently crossed a million views (which is saying something for a video about economics!), and is, in my opinion, entirely worth your time.

Links for 9th February, 2019

Small change in the posting schedule beginning today: weekends will now comprise of five tweets on Saturday that I found interesting, and just one YouTube video on Sunday (again, that I found interesting).

Here’s today’s set: