Links for 5th August, 2018

  1. The seen and the unseen, the corporate finance edition
  2. How to work with Arnold Kling
  3. I’m not sure what to think of this (assassination markets)
  4. On string. And on that note, have you read/heard this?
  5. On human intelligence.

Links for 4th August, 2018

  1. On democracy and Trump, among other matters.
  2. Mapping the growth of Google Maps.
  3. Brentry, apparently.
  4. On the struggle to make MOOC’s work.
  5. Shorter (academic) papers to read, the pros and the cons.

Links for 3rd August, 2018

  1. CEO’s slum it at the back. Goes well, apparently.
  2. Scott Sumner on China, Trump and strategy.
  3. Confirmation bias and North Korea
  4. Real world vs book knowledge. A good read.
  5. The longest lecture ever, via MR.

Paul Krugman on a Roller Coaster

This made my day. Via MR:




Links for 2nd August, 2018

  1. There’s hope yet about all those jobs being lost to automation. (I disagree, though)
  2. Wealth concentration, and what it does to the political economy
  3. Thinking about China’s internal politics in the time of Trump
  4. Thinking about China’s currency in the time of Trump
  5. Thinking about movies in China today

Links for 1st August, 2018

  1. Elon Musk is always great entertainment
  2. Reinventing Goldman Sachs, and the challenges therein
  3. In case you haven’t read it already, the Mark Zuckerberg interview with Recode
  4. What could possibly go wrong? Machines deciding venture investing. More on the same from FT Alphaville.
  5. Understanding (or at any rate, trying to understand) Vladimir Putin.

Links for 31st July, 2018

  1. On Tesla’s competition (and it looks good)
  2. The 80-20 rule in investing
  3. In retrospect, obvious. Rainfall as a predictor of assassinations in Ancient Rome
  4. A long (but rewarding) read on Lagos
  5. Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, a must listen.