Links for 12th December, 2018

  1. The rise of the “Pentes” in Ethiopia
  2. Whom would we pick, here in India?
  3. Stiglitz on going beyond GDP.
  4. Browsing recently returned books at a library is nice.
  5. Declining US mobility.

Links for 11th December, 2018

  1. What does cash performing everything else mean?
  2. Paul Volcker’s wisdom.
  3. On making a flannel shirt in the USA.
  4. Worth multiple readings: Arnold Kling annotates an already excellent conversation.
  5. What has Alex Tabarrok been watching? More importantly – what does he think about it?

Links for 10th December, 2018

  1. India Airborne, please? Paging Mr. James Fallows.
  2. Why should we vote?
  3. A Guardian Long Read on pooping.
  4. A very confusing rabbit-hole.
  5. A status check on India’s RE sector.

Links for 9th December, 2018

  1. Bill Gates’ 2018 book list.
  2. Never study things out of context.
  3. Loud restaurants are more profitable.
  4. The proportion of all students who were enrolled exclusively online grew to 15.4 percent (up from 14.7 percent in 2016). Yay!
  5. Gideon Rachman on Japan and China.

Links for 8th December, 2018

  1. Alex Tabarrok on blogging economics (among other things)
  2. A contrarian take on whether Trump deserves credit on “ending” (postponing?) the trade wars.
  3. Adam Smith on inequality – and why he might have been wrong.
  4. Bill Gates reviews Yuval Noah Harari’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.
  5. On wanting a weird future.

Links for 7th December, 2018

  1. On hindsight and Amazon’s HQ audition process.
  2. China, Hollywood, and influencing. If you are new to this, read this.
  3. I was strongly reminded of Signor Roberto. (That’s a Godfather reference, by the way)
  4. The 420 Extra Pale Ale and beyond.
  5. Some good news for India’s textile exports, thank god.

Links for 6th December, 2018

  1. A triumph for Trump?
  2. Heard of Luckin Coffee?
  3. Microeconomics, incentives, policy-making and empty stores in Manhattan.
  4. Creating content will not make you any money.
  5. Or will it?