Links for 9th July, 2018

  1. The basketball experiment (and I envy you if you have never seen this before), looked at another way.
  2. Tyler Cowen is a hero. No two ways about that.
  3. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, the footballing edition. Also, do read Antifragile, by NN Taleb.
  4. The Economist magazine tries to make sense of Netflix
  5. Restructuring Indian finance is hard.

Links for 8th July, 2018

  1. On double-deckers in Bombay, a thing of the past, almost.
  2. A (very) long read, pro Tesla
  3. HR analytics
  4. There may be more to Mahabalipuram
  5. One master on another

Links for 7th July, 2018

  1. Parallel recruitment in the IAS? Been there, done that, says Sidin Vadukut.
  2. Tinkering at the margin with irrigation in agriculture.
  3. On the history of African slaves in India
  4. On the link between music and, well, everything.
  5. On Nirav Modi and his diamonds

Links for 6th July, 2018

  1. On (planned) urbanization in India
  2. Pragmatism from Japan: an update on the Great Game
  3. On the Dunning-Kruger effect
  4. Thinking about commitment, by Robin Hanson. I loved reading this.
  5. Via MR, a thread on what’s in store for the WTO
  6. I’ll be adding some of these to my daily reading, but I haven’t decided which ones just yet. A list on what to read about China.
  7. Reading this is entirely worth your time. Eric Weinstein is interviewed about the evolution of capitalism. Via MR.
  8. Data and sports and journalism. Also, on the limitations of data.

Links for 5th July, 2018

  1. I’ve never been convinced about DST, and I’m not about to start now. The costs (to me) always outweigh the benefits.
  2. Life gets weirder (better?) with every passing day
  3. Which stock is up the most since 2010?
  4. Barry Ritholtz on Fox News
  5. 35 innovators under 35. There’s always hope.
  6. Your feel good story for the day
  7. Education is hard

Links for 4th July, 2018

  1. A long, mostly uncomfortable read, but ultimately a rewarding one. On negative proofs.
  2. On the Efficient Market Hypothesis. I consider it a good day if I change my opinion on the EMH only a couple of times.
  3. The monster has been with us all along, via Marginal Revolution. I interpret this as an excuse to re-read the Mahabharat.
  4. On better ways to learn. This is important stuff!
  5. A review of a book about Universal Basic Income, an idea with some currency in our times.
  6. On North Korea,a timely warning for Trump
  7. A sign of the times.
  8. I’m slightly worried that David Frum would write something like this.

Links for 3rd July, 2018

  1. Via Tyler Cowen, from Marginal Revolution. Make what you will of it.
  2. When to fold in poker, by Rupert Murdoch.
  3. The Great Game continues. India edges closer to Russia, perhaps not out of (political and economic) choice. What will China do in response? And Pakistan? And Russia? And America? By the way, Bruno MaƧaes has the best book to help you think through these questions.
  4. A thought provoking piece on the ‘Google City
  5. A very long, but consistently interesting interview with Patrick Collison, founder of Stripe.
  6. I loved watching this video. It’s that time of the year: Wimbledon!