Sharmaji ka beta, the global edition

Michael Nielsen Asks About Principles

… and I hope you can spend some time on the lovely answers that his followers shared with him:

Rathin Roy on Michael Pettis’ Thread on Adam Tooze’s Newsletter

Which, by definition, makes it self-recommending!

Twenty Twitter Threads from The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute

How To Fall In Love With Twitter

There’s a very small list of people I know of who use Twitter well.

There are probably millions of people who use Twitter well, of course. It is just that I haven’t found them yet.

But when you do use Twitter well, it is a magical thing. It entertains you, educates you and on rare but delightful occasions, even enlightens you.

Learning how to use Twitter well is a skill. I am still learning it, but I get a little better everyday. And isn’t that the point?

And if you’re looking for advice on how to use Twitter well, follow Navin Kabra on Twitter. Learn from what he says, but much more importantly, learn from what he does on Twitter.

For example, consider his pinned tweet:

Navin, thank you for being awesome at Twitter!

Longreads’ Best of 2022

Exams and Assignments in the Age of AI

The blog hasn’t been updated for a while, but most of his posts make for excellent reading.

An Appropriate Continuation to Monday and Tuesday’s Posts

We’ve Been Expecting You, Mr. Iger. Or Have We?

Ben Stokes’ Dad

I still can’t get over this story: