Balaji S on The New Search Engines

Today’s Twitter Story will require a little more clicking through in the diverse Twitter threads that are linked to. I found this one interesting, for example:

In other words, assuming I understand him correctly, synthesis engines search for you, and synthesize for you. It’s not just the mechanical trawling of the many alleys of the internet, it is also the packaging together of the results of the search.

I think (covered earlier) is a good example, but I’m happy to be corrected if I’m wrong.

It’s not just a bicycle for the mind anymore, it’s the bicycle and the mind.

Why Are We Not Doing More To Fight Climate Change?

A Twitter thread about the “harmonic content of electronically generated musical tones”

I didn’t understand this thread at all, but still find it fascinating. How can one not find a Twitter thread about music, aeroplanes and an Escher painting fascinating?

If anybody can help me out regarding this, I’d be most grateful!

A Useful, Informative, Optimistic and Worrying Thread About India’s Labor Market

How “Economically Connected” Are You?

Jakob Schneebacher’s Twitter Thread on Baumol’s Cost Disease

Via MR:

Past EFE posts on the topic.

On The Economics of Booking a Cab in an Indian City

Dance Your PhD

Via the fantastic Raghav Agarwal (@impactology) on Twitter.

On Making New Proteins

I know nothing about this topic, but that was my understanding after having read this thread. What’s yours?

On Cows, Coagulants and an American president who was Given Rat Poison

And that’s not clickbait, which is the best part. The utterly awesome @bhalomanush on Twitter with a magnificent thread for your perusal.