The Economist on Why Nuclear Energy is so Unpopular

This ties in nicely with the Twitter Stories bit that spoke about pre and post nuclear bomb steel:

Neil Gaiman: Make Good Art

This is a really old video, but always worth watching.

Neil Gaiman, ladies and gentlemen:

Just The Thing for a Sunday?

What would Keynes have thought about this, had he been alive in this of all years in the 21st century?

Video for 24th Jan, 2021

h/t Devansh Vora

Cowen and Tabarrok Talk Coivd-19

That’s all you need to say, no?

Video for 1st Nov, 2020: The Important before the Urgent

Video for 25th October, 2020

I’m sure I must have linked to this before, and shame on me if I haven’t – but I did just finish teaching game theory in my principles of economics class at the Gokhale Institute – plus, who can resist watching this again, eh?

Video: Samir Saran on the Importance of the EU

Video for 12th July, 2020

I came across this video thanks to David Perell’s newsletter.

Short, concise and very informative! Also, India may well leapfrog into a much more advanced freight transportation world compared to where she is at present.

Interesting times ahead.

Video for 5th July 2020

A fascinating video from Five Thirty Eight about a scandal you may not have heard of.