Video for 5th July 2020

A fascinating video from Five Thirty Eight about a scandal you may not have heard of.

Khan Academy on the Spread of the Corona Virus

Excellent, excellent video!


2 Videos on Property Rights

Tomorrow’s essay will be on property rights, what with it being the first Monday of the month – a continuation of the series of essay I am writing about aspects of the Indian Constitution. Research for that essay included these two videos, which I learnt a great deal from.



A short YouTube explainer on German Reunification

Berlin in July 1945

A short video about Otto von Bismarck

Also, a shout-out to Extra Credit. I discovered the channel through just a literal Google search about Bismarck, but it seems very interesting indeed. Worth a follow, if you ask me.



Key Takeaways from the Indian Budget, 2020

What exactly is a constitution?

I searched for the simplest video I could find on what exactly a constitution is, and why a country needs one. This is what I could come up with.

Is there a video you know of that does a better job? Let me know!

And once again, a very happy Republic Day to you!

Tahini: Sesame Recipes from other parts of the world

This past Monday we learnt about Makar Sankranti and related festivals from other parts of the world. Today’s video is about how other cultures prepare dishes using sesame. Tahini is one of my favorite things to eat, so today’s was an easy pick.


Video for 12th January, 2019