Pick Up A Bottle of Rice With a Chopstick

And a bonus, on a related topic:

Barcelona’s Superblocks

And if you’re curious about how it all turned out, considering this video is six years old

Veritasium on FFT’s and Nuclear Testing

Simon Sinek on Game Theory and War

Quick update: I’ll be on leave this week, regular posts will resume on the 31st of October. Happy Diwali, everybody !

What Are You Optimizing For, the Hollywood Edition

Why 7 is Weird

Divisibility tests are a lot of fun, and they kept me awake through boring lectures in school. My most fun “discovery” was regarding the number 27, and remind me to tell you about it whenever we meet.

Can the economy grow forever?

Me, I’m Left Handed

More Than 10,000 Hours

Crazy Little Thing Called Chakravakam

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