Via the excellent The Browser:

We’ve come a long, long way! Here’s the website if (like me), you’d like to learn more.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan Visits the Maldives

@chuck_gopal on Twitter and here is his linktree

Veritasium on Dark Matter

To Go Right, Go Left

Veritasium is hours of endless fun learning!

Zach King’s Illusions

Via Kevin Kelly, and the excellent Recomendo newsletter:

DALL-E 2: An Introductory Video

Ocean Shipping, by Wendover Productions

And a link to a post from February 2022 about containerization, if you’re looking for additional reading.

3Blue1Brown and Wordle

As they say, self-recommending!

Bertrand’s Paradox, Explained By Numberphile and 3Blue1Brown

… which, by definition, makes this self-recommending!

A video and a book recommendation

For your Sunday morning:

Fans of science fiction will know which book is coming next, of course. But for the uninitiated, do give Seveneves a whirl if you haven’t read it yet. And if this happens to be your first Neal Stephenson book, well, your timing couldn’t be better. Go read this one next. The OG metaverse!