Bertrand’s Paradox, Explained By Numberphile and 3Blue1Brown

… which, by definition, makes this self-recommending!

A video and a book recommendation

For your Sunday morning:

Fans of science fiction will know which book is coming next, of course. But for the uninitiated, do give Seveneves a whirl if you haven’t read it yet. And if this happens to be your first Neal Stephenson book, well, your timing couldn’t be better. Go read this one next. The OG metaverse!

Chimpanzees and Opportunity Costs

I’m late to this channel, but the good news is that I can look forward to hours of my time being spent on here now.

Dr. Strangelove and the Doomsday Machine

We’re very much in “if you haven’t watched it already, please do” territory, but Dr. Strangelove is an absolute must watch. And given the article about MAD earlier this week, Sunday’s video clip wasn’t a difficult choice.

Housing in Singapore

“Solved” is, at the least, ambitious phrasing. But the video is well worth watching. Via Sahil Shaikh, a SYBSc student at GIPE

The Riemann Hypothesis

Aah Ko Chahiye…

And the reason behind this video for this Sunday was this wonderfully whimsical article.

H/T Murali Neelakantan

Quiet, Please

And a very pleasant challenge for a Sunday morning: can you name all the men’s singles champions going back to, say, 1975?

3Blue1Brown on linear transformations and matrices

The whole series is excellent, but this video in particular – right from the first quote onwards – might help you understand what the point of matrix algebra is. Visualization really, really helps.

3Blue1Brown is magic: all hail the comedy of the commons!

For The Love of Physics, by Walter Lewin

If you just can’t wait, around the 25:00 minute mark or so. But please, watch the whole thing, and read the book too.