The Heider and Simmel Animation

What did you think was being shown here? Now read this blogpost!

Mona Lisa Smile

Not just her smile, of course – there is so much more going on on this video.

Scrambled Eggs on a Sunday

And which is why I scheduled this for 7.30 am, rather than the usual 10 am slot.

I discovered this channel via (who else) Krish Ashok

Summers and Krugman in Conversation

Some goof-up seems to have happened, this was supposed to go out on Sunday, the 21st of Feb. Still, FWIW, here you go.

And that means you’ll be getting two posts today, not just the one. Sorry about that 🙂

Video for 7th February, 2020

Via The Browser. Goes really well with a contemplative cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing)

Cowen and Tabarrok Talk Coivd-19

That’s all you need to say, no?

Video for 19th July 2020