Housing in Singapore

“Solved” is, at the least, ambitious phrasing. But the video is well worth watching. Via Sahil Shaikh, a SYBSc student at GIPE

The Riemann Hypothesis

Aah Ko Chahiye…

And the reason behind this video for this Sunday was this wonderfully whimsical article.

H/T Murali Neelakantan

Quiet, Please

And a very pleasant challenge for a Sunday morning: can you name all the men’s singles champions going back to, say, 1975?

3Blue1Brown on linear transformations and matrices

The whole series is excellent, but this video in particular – right from the first quote onwards – might help you understand what the point of matrix algebra is. Visualization really, really helps.

3Blue1Brown is magic: all hail the comedy of the commons!

For The Love of Physics, by Walter Lewin

If you just can’t wait, around the 25:00 minute mark or so. But please, watch the whole thing, and read the book too.

Probability, Expected Value…

… in No Country For Old Men

Supermarkets Explained

Education and Signaling

I’d linked to this video this past Friday too, but just in case you haven’t seen it yet:

And a bonus today, Bryan Caplan on the same topic:

The Heider and Simmel Animation

What did you think was being shown here? Now read this blogpost!