Links for 31st January, 2019

  1. A modern take on the Beveridge curve.
  2. Paul Krugman on Trump and the economy.
  3. Inventing the Property Market in Britain
  4. Working too hard in China.
  5. Paul Krugman on China’s economy.

Links for 30th January, 2019

  1. Banned in China? Well… it’s complicated.
  2. Money matters. Even in academia.
  3. GDP and GDP per capita. As an Indian… hmmm.
  4. Jack Bogle’s three great insights.
  5. Where did economics go wrong?

Links for 29th January, 2019

  1. The revolutions that economics needs.
  2. Speaking of revolutions
  3. Via MR, Singapore then and now.
  4. Whose history?
  5. On Robert Caro and therefore Lyndon Johnson.

Links for 28th January, 2019

  1. Anyone up for a sabbatical in Italy?
  2. What are smart speakers good for?
  3. Songs are getting shorter these days.
  4. Don’t tweet. Listen more.
  5. Jack Dorsey interview.

Links for 27th January, 2019

  1. Air India + Jet, anyone? Anyone?
  2. Chinese statecraft under Xi Jinping.
  3. Thinking about debt.
  4. More on Oumuamua.
  5. UBI and India.

Links for 26th January, 2019

  1. The rural economy conundrum in India
  2. and why it matters.
  3. and why it matters.
  4. Meanwhile
  5. And a link that is about India, but has nothing to do with what came above.

Links for 25th January, 2019

  1. A profile of Shanta Gokhale.
  2. On the importance of land reforms.
  3. China’s slow downward spiral.
  4. Five puzzles of development (but are they puzzles, really?)
  5. Performance isn’t outcomes.

Links for 24th January, 2019

  1. Sears over the years.
  2. Something is wrong with pricing when it comes to climate change.
  3. Nudges gone rogue, via Mostly Economics.
  4. A nice take on development economics.
  5. Via Towards marginal revolution(s)

Links for 23rd January, 2019

  1. The option value of civilization.
  2. The FT on the World Bank and its future.
  3. More cheerful news about climate change.
  4. A useful history of the relationship between the IAS and the RBI governors.
  5. An appreciation of Harold Demsetz.

Links for 22nd January, 2019

  1. A rocker’s guide to management.
  2. Correlations, symptoms, markers.
  3. A most magnificent cheat sheet for economics.
  4. What people want is that you are not stuck in a particular culture.”
  5. The excellent Abe Yaar series from Capital Mind. Do you follow it already?