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Tweets I found interesting this week, in no particular order:

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Some tweets that caught my eye recently:






Info about Coronavirus, Using Twitter Better, Micro and Macro





Folks on Twitter Who You Might Want to Look Up for Information on the Corona Virus

The title uses the phrase “Look Up” quite deliberately. I wouldn’t want to recommend that you follow these folks (I do, to be clear), but I would recommend that you learn more about them – and then choose for yourself. Also, any people who you might want to recommend as well, please let me know!

Helen Branswell

Ian Mackay

Trevor Bedford

Scott Gottlieb

Laurie Garrett


Silver Linings(?) from the Coronavirus, Price Discrimination, Rajan on Piketty, Our Love for LIC, and Seattle’s metro



Persistent Software Bugs, On Economic Growth, a16z’s Marketplace 100, Cooking Advice from Adam Liaw and Online repositories in India