Links for 20th July, 2018

  1. Via Binoy Mascrenhas, an article about pedestrian plazas.
  2. Creating demand is the hard part. Creating demand a second time around is almost impossible. Also, a useful way to think about two sided markets.
  3. Just you wait, the Trump trade war version
  4. A (very long) essay on Rupert Murdoch
  5. It is hard to be balanced about Elon Musk’s Tesla

Links for 19th July, 2018

  1. Be careful with your money, says Monika Halan about the IDBI-LIC circus.
  2. More transparency at SEBI, please.
  3. I’m happy to report that I am free to share this article with you, and you are free to read it.
  4. Words of wisdom from Devesh Kapur, about research, India and the USA.
  5. Why blogging (in economics) matters.

All of these links for today, by the way, come via Ajay Shah, whose blog is a must-follow.

Links for 17th July, 2018

  1. A useful article to read about how to think about plastic (individual efforts don’t seem to help much, unfortunately)
  2. Via MR, slides and some papers from an NBER conference about the “Global Financial Crisis@10“. I haven’t read a single link so far, but it seems very interesting. I’ll post specific links if they’re especially relevant later.
  3. Greg Mankiw makes a very relevant and timely point about more careful phrasing.
  4. Calculating GDP isn’t a science. Far from it.
  5. The bitter truth about sugar this year

Links for 16th July, 2018

  1. Lessons from the Israel-Arab conflict for the Korean peninsula. Key takeaway: it’s more complicated than President Trump seems to think
  2. Nobody knows anything. Indeed.
  3. Via FT Alphaville, six lies on trade

  4. On understanding CDS, and how they reached where they are today
  5. Via MR, a paper on travel costs and collaboration. Or put another way, is not traveling more expensive than expensive travel?

Links for 13th July, 2018

  1. On when to write a put. Maybe.
  2. Brexit is proving to be rather inconvenient
  3. Screenshots on steroids
  4. Understanding momentum (in the financial sense of the term). Also listen to a Conversations with Tyler episode in which Tyler Cowen interviews Cliff Asness
  5. Is Xi Jingping being boxed into a corner? And if so, what is he likely to do? These are worrying questions.
  6. A timely topic to read about. I hope you make it through unscathed!

Links for 10th July, 2018

  1. Evaluating (and forming) probabilities

  2. This sounds interesting, and weirdly, reminded me of Amar Akbar Anthony. Also, from that post, Project Nim.
  3. Do the simple things first 
  4. An update to the Fama puzzle 
  5. How to think like an economist
  6. Game theory and the football world cup

Links for 8th July, 2018

  1. On double-deckers in Bombay, a thing of the past, almost.
  2. A (very) long read, pro Tesla
  3. HR analytics
  4. There may be more to Mahabalipuram
  5. One master on another