Links for 20th November, 2018

  1. On diaspora bonds. This should leave you slightly (ok, more than slightly) worried. See also – although I have linked to this earlier – this.
  2. A cultural explanation for why scaling is hard (and from certain points of view, undesirable)
  3. Skin in the game, the Volcker edition.
  4. Do you want to understand how derivatives work in practice? Read this. Via @mal_or_normal
  5. Mr. Patel might enjoy reading Volcker’s autobiography.

Links for 19th November, 2018

  1. On making Twitter great again.
  2. This book sounds fascinating.
  3. Do we overgeneralize ability?
  4. On kinlessness.
  5. On “superfoods“.

Links for 18th November, 2018

  1. Measuring GDP is hard, yes, but even if you could measure it, it’s not the whole story. (Via Manpreet Singh)
  2. On India’s opportunities because of the China-US trade war.
  3. On reforming the GST.
  4. On saving the WTO.
  5. Understanding the currency swap with Japan.

Links for 17th November, 2018

  1. For fans (or students, if you will) of public economics.
  2. Reliance’s reliance on debt.
  3. A visual history of Android.
  4. Speaking of fun visualizations
  5. Is nothing sacred?

Links for 16th November, 2018

  1. On the link between Sanskrit and Latin/Greek.
  2. Choices, costs, incentives… and horizons.
  3. What causes pollution in Delhi?
  4. On Nader Shah’s tomb. Note the author’s name.
  5. On how humans became intelligent.

Links for 15th November, 2018

  1. An interesting idea, but in my opinion unworkable: a multilateral clearing union.
  2. Facebook and VR.
  3. A very long, but very readable review of Crashed

  4. Uber and inequality.
  5. Via MR – this is remarkable.

Links for 14th November, 2018

Five links, all from the NYT that have proven useful starting points for our visit to France.

  1. 36 Hours on the banks of the river Seine.
  2. 36 Hours on the left bank.
  3. … and 36 Hours on the right bank.
  4. 36 Hours in Marseille
  5. 36 Hours in Nice.