On How I (want to) Read, Part 5

The final post in this series is both a lament and a request.

Back in the year 2007, I had the chance to visit Boston. There is a lot to like about that city, but nothing filled me with more awe than the Boston Public Library. It is a truly magnificent institution, and one that deserves all the support, encouragement and memberships it can get.

We are a long way away from having a library like that in Pune city, unfortunately, and at least in my opinion, the British Council Library is a pale shadow of what it used to be – but it still it by far and away the best library that we have over here.

That’s the lament.

The request is for you to help: what communities (online and offline) am I unaware of where reading still lives and thrives? What meetups might I benefit by attending? What book clubs exist that I could be a part of?

Best of all, if you have any ideas for starting these – do get in touch!

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