Links for 7th November, 2018

  1. How to walk through a museum.
  2. Where do people go, when at the Louvre?
  3. Understanding the layout at the Louvre.
  4. Tips for visiting the Louvre (my apologies about the pop-up ads you might see)
  5. Funding the Louvre.

Note: as with almost all of the posts on EFE, this one has also been scheduled beforehand. The reason I have put this up to run today is because if all goes well, we’ll be at the Louvre today.

But the idea, of course, is not to gloat – the first link, for example, is valid for all museums, not just the Louvre (is in fact valid for more than just museums). The second link helps me understand where not  to go. And so on…


(The fifth link is depressing, but memento mori!)

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